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This is ジェシカ (Jessica) and I love you all. I am someone who has big dreams, high ambition, and lots of love and spirit. I graduated from college with East Asian Studies as my major, and I've studied Japanese for over 7 years. I've passed JLPT2, and I've been involved in various translating and interpreting projects on and off the web. Something that most people don't know about me, is that I actually am also an artist and musician. I actually entered college as a music major! I sing and I play guitar, piano, clarinet, and I suck at violin. I also draw and paint from time to time.
Now I am in Japan working at in the music business, and have recently started a band with my boyfriend and two Japanese friends. I'm looking forward to my future and I can't wait for all the great things that will come and all the great friends I will continue to make, but I must live in the present moment and enjoy every bit of it to the fullest! Life is full of challenges, but they are the seeds that grow into everlasting bliss and tranquility. So I hold my head high and sing along, with a brilliant rainbow in my heart.



You could say I am an optimist, or an idealist. I think I'm a realist, with a lot of faith. I just live my life, step-by-step, trying to be happy. Dreams are meant to be sought out, right? We have always been taught that. So who said it can't be done?

(no one)

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